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    How to Clean High Rise Windows

    Ever wondered how high-rise windows are kept sparkling clean all-year-round? The answer - GT Cleaning!

    While you won’t find us abseiling from the Eureka Tower, our skilled team of professionals do service internal and external windows under 40 metres high of high-rise body corporates, offices and apart...
    March 10, 2020    |    2 Comments
    How To Clean Your Office & Home Without Harsh Chemicals
    At GT Cleaning, we understand the importance of finding chemical-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning alternatives that tackle germs and dirt. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our best “how to” toxic-free cleaning tips to keep your office and for that matter your home, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and toxin-free.

    How To ...

    June 9, 2019    |    2 Comments
    Our Top 5 Carpet Stain Removal Tips

    Tips on Removing Carpet Stain

    We have put together a list of our top 5 carpet stain remover tips to keep your carpet clean and maintain its quality over time. Carpet is more important than we give it credit for. It is often responsible for creating the clean welcoming space, critical to first client impressions. Premium carpet can be an e...
    May 9, 2019    |    2 Comments
    How Cleaning is Different for the Healthcare Industry
    Many cleaning companies will tell you that they can look after the healthcare industry. But not all cleaning companies are created equal. As experienced cleaners for medical centres, we understand the requirements that need to be met such as levels of hygiene and sanitation required. Thorough attention to detail is critical in properly maintaining ...
    March 10, 2019    |    0 Comments
    Medical Grade Clean
    What’s does a medical grade clean actually mean? Not all cleans are created equal and not all cleaning companies are capable of cleaning to the same level of others. At GT, we are highly experienced in working with clinics and Medical Centres so we understand what is actually meant when someone talks about a “medical grade cle...
    November 8, 2018    |    0 Comments
    Why Body Corporate Cleaning is Different to Other Cleaning

    Body Corporate Cleaning vs Other Cleaning Services

    Many businesses operate from communal office buildings and shared spaces that are managed by a body corporate. To ensure that your communal spaces are cleaned and maintained effectively you need to engage a cleaning company that is specialised in Body Corporate Cleaning. GT Cleaning is th...
    September 15, 2018    |    2 Comments
    Cleaning Jobs your Staff Can Do and Those you Should Leave to the Professionals
    Hiring a cleaning company for your business premises can be a daunting task. There are so many cleaners with varying price points and services to choose from. As a result, many business decide it’s easier to do the cleaning themselves to cut costs and that professional cleaners aren’t necessary. This is simply not the case. Firstly, your ...
    August 1, 2018    |    0 Comments
    Adhoc Cleaning – Almost as Good as A Winter Holiday
    At this time of year, to be welcomed by a clean, tidy environment can feel almost as good as escaping Melbourne for a sunny getaway. This is true both at home and in the workplace, but the purpose of this article is to focus on a clean workplace. Cleanliness promotes employee's well-being, performance, and productivity. It helps everyone to be heal...
    July 30, 2018    |    0 Comments
    Boost Your Staff Morale! Get Your Office Cleaned

    Relationship Between Clean Office and Staff Morale

    Boost Your Staff Morale! Get Your Office Cleaned  The office can be a person's home away from home. Your staff spend an inordinately large amount of time in the office. Providing a clean and safe working environment for your employees can do wonders for productiv...
    July 10, 2018    |    3 Comments
    Office File & Data Security – Why Your Cleaning Company Matters
    When you are engaging a cleaning company for your business, office file and data security should be considered. You want to make sure that all of your documents and all of your business equipment is kept safe. To do this you want to make sure that you are working with a cleaning company that has clear processes for managing security, including file...
    June 1, 2018    |    2 Comments
    The Top 7 Factors For Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company
    The cleaning industry is a highly competitive industry. As a consumer, you have many choices when it comes to deciding who will clean your premises. With so many choices it can be hard to decide what factors are important in your selection process. If you consider each factor mentioned below, you will find it easier to make your choice.  We...
    April 3, 2018    |    2 Comments
    Latest posts

    As a result of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the team at GT have obtained Hydrogen Peroxide, a chemical know...

    March 19, 2020    |    2 Comments

    At GT Cleaning, your safety is our first priority.

    March 18, 2020    |    2 Comments

    Ever wondered how high-rise windows are kept sparkling clean all-year-round? The answer - GT Cleaning!

    March 10, 2020    |    2 Comments
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