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    Boost Your Staff Morale! Get Your Office Cleaned
    Boost Your Staff Morale! Get Your Office Cleaned

    Relationship Between Clean Office and Staff Morale

    Boost Your Staff Morale! Get Your Office Cleaned 

    The office can be a person’s home away from home. Your staff spend an inordinately large amount of time in the office. Providing a clean and safe working environment for your employees can do wonders for productivity and employee retention. You want the office always to be an inviting space for them – one where they feel comfortable, almost like they feel “at home.”

    Interesting facts and figures

    On an average, an individual spends 160-200 hours in an office per month. And in this period, as an employer, you’d want your employees to deliver their best performance and achieve their goals. Having a clean space to work in can help to motivate your employees to focus more on their goals at hand – the last thing you want is for them to feeling dissatisfied in their work environment and feeling like their office space is unhygienic.

    Well maintained offices can have various positive effects on your staff and have a domino effect on the working environment, workforce productivity and eventually on the image of the company.

    Think about walking into your office knowing you’d have to spend a good 8 hours sitting in it. Would you rather want to walk into a messy workspace that smells like old food or a fresh, clean space with a pleasant odour? Nothing can be nicer than a clean desk waiting for you as you start your day on a positive note. A clean space can give you a clear head and increase your focus, enabling you to achieve your day-to-day goals.

    It isn’t only the desk or the floor that needs to stay clean. Research has suggested that computer keyboards and doorknobs contain more germs than an average toilet. Richard Caines said, “A clean environment improves people’s sense of well-being and reduces anxiety.” One of the main reasons for keeping your office clean is the health of your employees.

    Sickness and the importance of office cleaning

    You know what happens when one person gets sick in the family? One by one everyone else falls sick too! It’s very likely that the same is happening in your office environment where employees are working beside each other and are touching the same doorknobs and other surfaces.  Even if the sick person takes a leave day, germs are bound to stick around, as they may have been contagious even before symptoms showed. So, office cleaning is essential if you want to have more productivity workforce and less sick days.

    Your company’s reputation

    A clean and safe working environment is one of the main aspects that reflect on your company’s image – you won’t be considered a great place to work if your office space isn’t clean. No one would like to work for a firm that does not offer their employees a clean office environment. A well-maintained office is more likely to attract employees and keep your workforce happy and also impress prospective clients that walk in for a visit or a meeting. Moreover, a happy workforce ensures that they deliver their best to keep the clients and customers happy as well; again, reflecting positively on the company’s image.

    A happy workforce is a productive workforce

    Whether you’re investing in a cleaning company or doing it yourself, having a well-maintained office is extremely important and can have many advantages in the short term as well as long-term for your company.

    We take our cleaning across Melbourne seriously, and we even use eco-friendly chemical proven to kill harmful bacteria. Get in touch today to learn about our quality scheduled cleaning and adhoc cleaning services and how they can improve the happiness of your workforce today!

    July 10, 2018    |    3 Comments

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