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    How to Clean High Rise Windows
    How to Clean High Rise Windows

    Ever wondered how high-rise windows are kept sparkling clean all-year-round?
    The answer – GT Cleaning!

    While you won’t find us abseiling from the Eureka Tower, our skilled team of professionals do service internal and external windows under 40 metres high of high-rise body corporates, offices and apartments across Melbourne.

    Read more below to find out how we keep your high-rise windows pristine and how you too can keep them mark-free between visits.

    The GT Method

    Our team utilise high quality, specialised window-cleaning accessories and licensed equipment to clean your windows both quickly and effectively, including:

    1. Boom Lift

    As our team specialise in external window cleaning under 40 metres, we use boom-lifts or ‘scissor-lifts’ to reach your external windows with ease. Our professional cleaning team also includes qualified boom-lift operators  who are well versed in the safety measures and procedures associated with operating a boom-lift safely and effectively.

    Our cleaners work systematically from the top windows down to ensure no spillage or dirt falls on already cleaned windows.

    2. WaterFed Poles

    To clean external windows, our team use WaterFed poles – a long extendable broom pole that dispenses purified water through the brush head. WaterFed poles can range from 10-20 metres long and are generally made of fibre glass or carbon fibres.

    3. Purified Water

    Purified water is optimal for window cleaning as the purification process removes all dissolved water solids, allowing the water to quickly evaporate without leaving nasty streaks or residue spots. Click here to see how it’s done!

    4. Squeegees & Scrapers

    For internal windows, our professionals utilise more traditional window cleaning methods, including eco-friendly window detergent, squeegees and scrapers to achieve a flawless, glistening finish.

    Tips & Tricks

    Want to give window cleaning a try? Check out our favourite window cleaning tips and tricks below you can use in your home, office or apartment.

    1. Keep an eye on the weather

    When it comes to cleaning your windows, cloudy days are your best friend! Cleaning windows when the sun is beaming can often result in the cleaning solution sticking to the glass, leaving residue marks and streaks, so keep this in mind and plan ahead of time.

    2. Choose the right cleaning solution

    When there are thousands of commercial and homemade cleaning solutions out there to choose from, finding the right product can be a daunting task.

    While it may seem basic, Palmolive is a great inexpensive detergent that is both gentle on the hands and suds well for window washing.

    And, if you’re looking for a more natural solution, white vinegar and water on a microfibre cloth works just as effectively. Check out our blog here for more eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean your home, office or commercial windows!

    3. Microfibre!

    While it might be a no-brainer to some, microfibre cloths really are a must-have for every cleaning toolkit. With approximately 200,000 fibres per square inch, they can hold up to six times their weight in water – making them the perfect sidekick for streak-free window cleaning.

    We love the Oates 3-Pack that includes 3 different coloured cloths – this way you can easily designate a cloth for general purpose, one for windows and glass and one dust and polish. And, if you can’t get a hold of microfibre, try re-using your newspaper for an almost perfect streak-free finish.

    At GT Cleaning, we are happy to come by your body corporate, office or home and offer you an obligation free quote for our professional window cleaning services.  Plus, you can get a Week’s Free Clean on Us!  Contact us today to find out how.

    March 10, 2020    |    2 Comments

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    Ever wondered how high-rise windows are kept sparkling clean all-year-round? The answer - GT Cleaning!

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