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    Adhoc Cleaning – Almost as Good as A Winter Holiday
    Adhoc Cleaning – Almost as Good as A Winter Holiday

    At this time of year, to be welcomed by a clean, tidy environment can feel almost as good as escaping Melbourne for a sunny getaway. This is true both at home and in the workplace, but the purpose of this article is to focus on a clean workplace. Cleanliness promotes employee’s well-being, performance, and productivity. It helps everyone to be healthy, safe, and effective at work. It also provides a sense of order and calm to anyone, especially clients who may be visiting your workplace.

    Even if you or your staff do most of your cleaning yourselves, every now and then it can be worth engaging a professional cleaner, even if it’s on an ad-hoc basis. While not wanting to be critical of your existing cleaning efforts, as professional cleaners we often have the right equipment, chemicals and training to get the job done effectively and to a more superior standard, compared to going it alone.

    If you are considering calling in cleaning professionals for an ad-hoc clean, below are some of the things you should consider:


    A cleaning company must be certified by trusted and cleaning-related agencies. This will help them to earn your trust and will ensure your company OH&S standards are adhered to. For example, do they have the right certifications to clean windows above a certain height? Do their employees all hold current Working with Children and Police Checks? Make sure you don’t just ask them if they have the correct certifications. Do your checks and balances.  Follow best practices and view the certifications, check they are current and record the relevant information in-case you need to refer to it in the future.

    Types of equipment

    As mentioned, cleaning service companies should have the proper tools to perform their job. Well, a good cleaning company should have this equipment. Ensure you check their equipment to see if it is up to the task? Is it well maintained? Are they using eco-friendly and safe chemicals?

    References from previous clients

    Just like for an applicant trying to get any job, a reference check is important for a cleaning company, even if you are only engaging them for an ad-hoc service. Don’t be shy to ask them to provide a list of references that can verify the quality of their services. You can also look at their recommendation letters from previous clients. Do they have testimonials on their website and are they verifiable?

    You need to make sure that any contractors you welcome onto your worksite are adequately insured for the safety and security of your people, the company, and its amenities.

    Meet the Team
    Make sure you know the people that will do the cleaning for you. It is important to know who will manage the account and what the procedure is for replacing people when one isn’t available. Moreover, for security reasons you don’t want people, whom you aren’t familiar with accessing your building, especially after hours.

    We are experts at cleaning and can help with your needs.  Below is a list of just some of the jobs we can help with, so get in touch today.

    Our cleaning services

    One-Off Cleaning
    High-Pressure Cleaning
    Window Cleaning – Up to 40M High
    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
    Developers/After Builders Cleaning
    Council Town Halls & Library
    School & Educational Institution
    Conference Centre Cleaning
    Retail Cleaning
    Body Corporate Cleaning
    Medical/Health-Care Unit Cleaning
    Financial Institution Cleaning

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