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    Kindergarten and Childcare Centres
    Kindergarten and Childcare Centres

    We care for your children and staff’s well-being as much as you do. A spotless, safe and secure environment is at the core of our superior kindergarten and childcare cleaning services.

    Office, Retail and Public Spaces
    Office, Retail and Public Spaces

    We strive to consistently provide a safe, healthy and inviting environment for your office, retail store or public space.

    Our adherence to cleanliness, security and communication mean you’ll receive an unparalleled cleaning service everytime we visit.

    Motels and Serviced Apartments
    Motels and Serviced Apartments

    We provide a pleasure for the senses every time your guests check-in.

    It is our promise to support your management team with a flexible, friendly and secure cleaning service for your motel or serviced apartment complex.
    Medical Clinics
    Medical Clinics

    We understand the necessity of having an exceptionally clean medical clinic to reduce the spread of viruses and contamination.

    As a result, our commercial medical cleaners work to deliver thorough, medical grade and hospital grade cleaning services every time we clean.

    Body Corporate
    Body Corporate Offices

    At GT Cleaning, we understand the need for body corporates to maintain a clean, safe work environment for both staff and clients.

    As such, our team of body corporate cleaning professionals work to ensure a thorough, quality clean is delivered every time in both a cost effective and timely manner.

    Industrial and After-Build Cleaning
    Industrial and After-Build Cleaning

    We understand that warehouses and industrial facilities are prone to excessive grime buildup and surface deterioration if not cleaned effectively.

    As such, our team employ specialised cleaning techniques to ensure your industrial facilities are thoroughly cleaned and any harmful buildup is safely removed.

    GT have been a life saver on numerous occasions. We have experienced many wrinkles as a new business and GT has literally come to the rescue to assist with minor floods and endless plumbing issues. They are very thorough with their work and our members are continuously praising us about how clean and hygienic our facilities are.

    - Melissa Daly Club Manager, Anytime Fitness

    GT Cleaning was very prompt in responding to our request to inspect our premises and provided a quotation to undertake these services on a weekly basis and offered a competitive price.

    I would not hesitate to hire George and his team to do a job and be confident that the job would get done well.

    - Michael Chan, Managing Director, TWM Aust. Limited

    GT Cleaning has proven nothing but reliable especially with a development of this size incorporating 104 properties he has shown that him and his team are always able to come through for us every time.

    Kieren O’ Leary, Project Manager, Canny Projects
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