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    Why Investing In Quality Cleaning Is Good For Your Business
    Why Investing In Quality Cleaning Is Good For Your Business

    Not all cleaning companies are created equally. The cheapest is not necessarily the best. In fact, more often than not, hiring the cheapest cleaners can be a costly choice in the long run.

    Cleaning your business is an investment. First impressions count – you want your clients to see a consistently clean workspace.  You also want to provide an environment that is hygienic because healthy staff mean reduced liabilities as a result of sick days.

    In this article, I want to share with you some important factors about why you need to see your cleaning contractor as an investment.  Sometimes spending a little more to get the right cleaner will deliver you long term value.

    A better cleaner has the right insurance policies

    A quality cleaning company will have the right insurance policies – to protect your premises, staff and customers, as well as their employees.  They’ll have insurance to: cover damage to property or lost/stolen property, to protect their employees and your staff or clients that may be injured as a result of their cleaning activities. Obviously, you hope nothing goes wrong, and often it won’t but you want to make sure you have that safety net in case something does go wrong.

    Appropriately paid staff equals no cut corners

    The cheapest cleaning company is likely to have the lowest salaries. If their staff aren’t paid well, where’s the incentive for staff to put in a proper effort when cleaning your office? Obviously, it doesn’t exist. Cleaners will want to clean your office as quickly as possible as they will need to do more jobs to earn an adequate salary. Conversely, if you invest in quality cleaning, you can be assured that staff are paid fairly and they will be more likely to do a proper cleaning job.

    Superior quality cleaning products

    A quality cleaning company will have better quality cleaning products. They’ll invest in environmentally friendly products, they’ll invest in products that are safer for humans – i.e. non-poisonous. They’ll also offer a better clean that means that your office will be cleaner. And this leads on to our next point.

    Healthier Staff

    ​As much as you’d like to have sick staff stay at home, sometimes, they do come into the office and spread germs. Only high quality cleaning products will kill germs and ensure that you have healthier staff.

    Office cleaning is an important investment for your company and your most valuable resources – your staff and clients. Cleaning your office is vital, and quality cleaning is worth the extra few dollars that you will pay for it. If you would like to chat with us about how our cleaning is an investment for your business, please get in touch today.  We offer cleaning services across greater Melbourne and outer suburbs.

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