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    The Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning your Carpet
    The Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning your Carpet

    Need your carpet cleaned but don’t know where to start?

    With an abundance of information online about the benefits of steam and dry cleaning, it can often be difficult to understand which method is the best choice for your carpet. While both dry and steam cleaning can provide great results, it ultimately comes down to the amount of water used in the cleaning process.

    Read more to discover the differences between dry and steam cleaning and which is best for you and your carpet.



    What is it?

    Carpet dry cleaning is a thorough cleaning solution that removes dirt, grime and oil from carpet fibres through application of dry cleaning solvents and vacuuming.

    Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning only takes around an hour to dry, leaving the carpet free to walk on once complete. A quick and effective solution, particularly if you are time-poor, or use the space regularly.

    The Process

    1.  A pre-vacuum is performed prior to dry cleaning to remove surface dirt and soil from the top of the carpet. Pre-vacuums are an essential step in the dry cleaning process, as dirt is much more difficult to extract from carpet material when made wet.
    2.  A mixture of water-based dry cleaning solvent is then applied to the carpet. These chemicals absorb into the fibres and break down the oil particles that trap dirt, bringing them to the surface for easy removal.
    3. Absorbent cotton pads are then soaked in a conditioning rinse and spun on a high frequency machine. When spun, the pads collect the loose dirt particles and lift them out, deeply conditioning your carpet and leaving it good as new!

    The best part? Dry carpet cleaning keeps you carpet exactly that – dry and clean without the hassle of long waiting times.



    What is it?

    Steam cleaning is a water-based carpet cleaning method. Unlike dry cleaning, steam cleaning uses high pressure machinery to inject hot water into the carpet and extract dirt particles from carpet fibres. When performed correctly and with the appropriate removal products, steam cleaning is a highly effective cleaning solution for carpeted areas.

    The Process

    1. When steam cleaning, primer sprays are always administered prior to steam. This allows for carpet fibres to loosen and allow the water to seep into the material. Without this step, steam cleaning is essentially ineffective, as the water particles aren’t able to fully absorb oils and stains that live deep in the carpet’s fibres.
    2. High power machinery then injects bursts of hot water into the carpet to loosen dirt and build-up among the fibres.
    3. Once the dirt has been collected by the water particles, the steam cleaner then extracts the soiled water from the carpet, leaving it clean and refreshed. As steam cleaning is a water based cleaning solution, your carpet may be wet and unusable for between 24 hours to 2 days depending on size.

    If you’re still unsure about which carpet cleaning method is best for you, or want to book in your carpet cleaning service, call the team at GT Cleaning today.

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