How Cleaning is Different for the Healthcare Industry

Many cleaning companies will tell you that they can look after the healthcare industry. But not all cleaning companies are created equal. As experienced cleaners for medical centres, we understand the requirements that need to be met such as levels of hygiene and sanitation required. Thorough attention to detail is critical in properly maintaining a healthcare facility.

As a starting point we look at the following:

Cleaning protocols – We assess relevant cleaning protocols to ensure workplaces are kept safe and hygiene requirements are met; this can be especially important for infection control among other potential issues.

Hazard identification – We work with clients to identify potential hazards and ensure they are minimised and dealt with appropriately. We know the importance of making sure that we reduce the risk of infection and injury from hazardous materials in your practice.

The client’s needs –  We understand that Medical Centres have strict codes, statutory and other requirements they must abide by. Given our understanding and experience in the industry, we work with our clients to develop a cleaning process that ensures these needs are met.

Staff training and Education – We ensure our staff are fully trained and equipped to perform cleaning at the level our clients require. We make sure that our staff correctly understand each Client’s requirements to ensure they deliver the job at the appropriate standard. We regularly audit our team to make sure that standards are kept. Consistency is, and we understand how important this is.

We have the right protocols covering training and education, risk management, accountability, infection prevention and control, equipment purchases and upgrades as well as outbreak management and control.

If you run a Medical Centre and you are looking for a cleaner, please get in touch with us today for a no obligation chat and a quote.