Why Body Corporate Cleaning is Different to Other Cleaning

Body Corporate Cleaning vs Other Cleaning Services

Many businesses operate from communal office buildings and shared spaces that are managed by a body corporate. To ensure that your communal spaces are cleaned and maintained effectively you need to engage a cleaning company that is specialised in Body Corporate Cleaning.

GT Cleaning is the team for you. Our professionally trained Melbourne cleaners utilise proper and safe cleaning equipment and products when cleaning communal spaces for our body corporate clients.

Why is Body Corporate Cleaning different to regular cleaning?

General Cleaning of Communal floors and spaces
Communal spaces shared by multiple tenants often get higher traffic than those with single tenants, making the cleaning requirements much larger than usual. Some communal spaces may include shared toilets and bathrooms. To ensure the health and safety of all staff, it’s important that these are thoroughly cleaned by professionals.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Sometimes shared communal spaces have chairs and rugs in waiting spaces that are used constantly, so it’s without question they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. A specialised body corporate cleaning expert understands this and will proactively clean and maintain these surfaces both to ensure their cleanliness and lifespan is maintained.

Window Cleaning
People want to work in clean and bright office settings, with plenty of natural light. An experienced Body Corporate cleaner will ensure the windows in the entrance ways to your buildings are always spotless and maintained as first impressions always count.

As mentioned, your premises may have shared restrooms and a shared kitchen. This means that there will be some consumables used by all tenants and staff in the building. A professional body corporate cleaning firm will ensure that stock levels are always up to date and no one is left inconvenienced.

Body Corporate cleaning provides its own unique issues. With multiple stakeholders it’s vital all staff are happy and informed. An experienced and professional Melbourne Body Corporate cleaner understands this and will work to provide extensive and detailed notes that can be reported to the Body Corporate Committee and all tenants in the building – so everyone knows what is happening in the building.

If you are unhappy about the cleaning of the communal spaces in your building and would like to speak to our specialist Melbourne body corporate cleaning team, please get in touch today.