Cleaning Jobs your Staff Can Do and Those you Should Leave to the Professionals

Hiring a cleaning company for your business premises can be a daunting task. There are so many cleaners with varying price points and services to choose from.

As a result, many business decide it’s easier to do the cleaning themselves to cut costs and that professional cleaners aren’t necessary. This is simply not the case.

Firstly, your staff were not hired to be cleaners and should not be expected to do so.
If it wasn’t part of their job description it shouldn’t be part of their work routine.

However, there are some things your staff should do to maintain general office hygiene and a productive work environment.

Do the Dishes
There’s nothing more annoying than a dirty or messy kitchen. If one of your staff uses cups or utensils, it’s essential they clean up after themselves to avoid uncleanliness and potential spread of germs.

Clean their desk
Staff members should take responsibility for keeping their own workspaces tidy – this is important from a hygiene perspective but also a privacy/security perspective. Staff shouldn’t be leaving customer files or important documents lying around for people to see.

So what should be left to the professionals?

Communal spaces where germs can flourish
The last thing you want is for your staff to get sick and spread germs around the office. Even without knowing it, your staff may be carrying sickness before any symptoms arise; thus it is essential any communal spaces are properly cleaned by a professional.

Only professionals have the proper equipment to clean all the dirt and grime that collects in floors throughout the day. Make sure they are cleaned properly by professionals with the right equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

There’s nothing more unsightly than dirty windows with grubby marks, streaks and cobwebs which can damage your business’ image and reputation if not cleaned professionally.

Public facing spaces
First impressions are everything. You want to make a great impression with clients and potential clients. Make sure you use professional cleaners in your public facing spaces.

As you’re now aware there are some general tidying activities that your staff can do to enhance the cleanliness of your business, but it is recommended that most cleaning activities are left to the professionals.

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