After-Build Cleaning

Have you had your home, office or investment property refurbished only to find dust, building debris, paint and rubbish left by your builders? If this sounds familiar, read more to find out how we can help get your property sparkling clean and move-in ready with our After-Build Cleaning services.

So, what is an After-Build Clean?

An After-Build Clean is a professional, detailed and thorough cleaning of the construction site post-completion to ensure it is safe for liveability and domestic use. There are generally two stages to an After-Build clean – a Rough Clean and a Detailed Clean.

Stage 1: Rough Clean

The first stage of an After-Build Clean is a Rough Clean. This involves removing all leftover rubbish, dirt and ‘builder’s dust’ from the work site. A Rough Clean is usually performed partway through the construction process as a preparatory clean before tiles or flooring is installed to ensure the foundation is clean and safe for install.

A Rough Clean also removes any potentially harmful chemicals and building remnants such as ‘Builders Dust.’ ‘Builder’s dust’ is mostly made up of silica, a naturally occurring mineral found in most sedimentary rocks and earth materials. When processed, this substance can become respirable crystalline silica or ‘free silica.’ Free Silica particles can be potentially fatal to humans and animals if inhaled and must be disposed of correctly to avoid contamination.

Stage 2: Detailed Clean

Once all your interior elements are installed, (cabinetry, appliances and even furniture) we conduct a detailed clean. A Detailed Clean gives a newly renovated house or building the ‘wow factor’ it deserves. Unlike our regular domestic cleaning services, Detailed Cleaning takes time to ensure the entire premises, (both indoors and outdoors) is free of any harmful building chemicals, debris, dust particles and paint spots.

Our Detailed Cleaning services include the following:

  • Window cleaning – inside and window tracks
  • Cabinetry cleaning
  • Wipe-down of all surfaces including benches, sink-tops, tables etc.
  • Mark and paint-spot removal
  • Floor mopping and vacuuming
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Grout defect cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Fireplace cleaning
  • Doorknobs, light switches, door and door frame cleaning

At GT Cleaning, we understand that not all construction sites are left the same. Some builders take extra care when clean post-build, while others only do the bare minimum.  That’s why we assess the premises prior to cleaning to decide how extensive our service needs to be. From this initial assessment, we will recommend services based on the state and needs of the site and quote accordingly.

How are we different?

We take pride in our work. Our team of professionally skilled cleaners have detailed knowledge and expertise in cleaning all types of buildings, houses, offices and body corporate complexes.

Our attention to detail sets us apart from regular cleaners. For us, quality is king, so we take extra care to ensure your premises is spotless from head to toe.

We listen.  At GT Cleaning, your needs are our priority. That’s why we believe in offering flexible services tailored to your specific cleaning needs.

We’re environmentally friendly. We take pride in only using environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe products to provide a thorough clean without the harsh chemicals.


If you are looking for a professional, safe and thorough cleaner to take your renovated premises to the next level, give GT Cleaning a call today to book your After-Build Cleaning service.