Childcare Cleaning Checklist

As professional childcare cleaners (and parents), we know just how quickly contagious germs can spread between children.

While many precautionary measures are taken by parents to protect their child’s health, fragile immune systems coupled with the closely interactive nature of childcare provides the perfect environment for illnesses to develop and spread between little ones.

As such, it is critical to employ effective cleaning and hygiene practices to actively kill germs and minimise the risk of infection of both children and staff.

Not sure where to start?  Check out our checklist below for our essential steps to providing a cleaner Childcare.


–  Clear food waste and wipe down tables after meal times.

– Empty bins regularly, replace liners and and disinfect units.

– Discard dirty tissues, nappies, napkins and wipes immediately after use.

– Keep rubbish bins out of reach and away from children.


– Wash bedding regularly – including sheets, pillowcases and blankets.

– Disinfect mattresses each week and air out if needed.

– Do not use bedding if it is dirty, smelly or stained.


– Regularly wash and disinfect toys.

– Wash all toys that have been used outside before re-use.

– Keep toys packed away in a clean storage unit when not in use.

– Discard toys if they are overly dirty, smelly or old.


– Disinfect stationery items such as textas, pencils, brushes and crayons.

– Clean out stationery storage units.

– Replace stationery if it is damaged or unsanitary.

– Teach children to refrain from putting stationery items in their mouths as this is both unhygienic and a choking hazard.

Healthy Habits

– Make hygiene fun! Try teaching the children healthy habits to keep germs away, such as sneezing into tissues, coughing into their arm and throwing waste into the bin by incorporating the actions into games and group activities.


At GT Cleaning, we are happy to come by your childcare and offer you an obligation free quote for organising and cleaning your workplace in an environmentally-friendly manner.  And, you can get a Week’s Free Clean on Us!  Contact us to find out how.