How Secure Is Your Childcare Centre?

You open up your childcare centre of kindergarten every day. You have cash, valuables and other sensitive materials lying around, detailing private information about all the families that use your centre. Obviously, everyone wants to know that your centre is secure.

But your families also want to make sure that the centre is clean and that their little ones will be safe from germs and harsh chemicals. So you need to make sure that you engage a cleaning company that utilises strict security protocols to protect your facility whilst also having the safest and most effective eco-friendly cleaning products — the good news is that you can have the best of both worlds.

If you want to check whether your cleaning company is up to scratch here are a number of things that you might need to consider. Find the time to ask your current cleaning company how they facilitate each of the following.

Background Checks

If the cleaning company that you currently use is not implementing background checks then you really want a new cleaning company. If the cleaning company you use has employees that may not pass a Background check, it’s time to get a new cleaning company. It’s not the highest paid profession, but if someone is prepared to submit to a background check, there is a greater probability that they will respect your security protocols and your property.

Protocol Training

What training process does your current cleaning company have for on-boarding new staff? How much training do they give new staff about the security of your facility? Check how well they follow your facility guidelines.

Cleaner Identification

The cleaning industry can be one where you have a high turnover of staff. For this reason it is important that your cleaning company has a protocol for managing cleaner identification — at the very least you should be introduced to cleaners or have a photo sent to you and should only work onsite when they are wearing their uniform and in possession of identification badges.

Handling of Facility Access

As mentioned above, the cleaning industry is one with high turnover. For this reason, you should have a clear understanding of how your cleaning company manages access to your premises. Are you absolutely confident that the cleaning company is ensuring all keys are returned when someone leaves? Do they let you know when a staff member leaves so you can change security passcodes if required?

After the safety of the children in your care, the safety and security of your premises is vital. Every day you have cleaning contractors entering your premises and you want to make sure that the company you contract has a proven protocol for managing the security issues identified above. If you are not confident that they do, and you would like a second opinion, please get in touch today.  GT Cleaning offers commercial childcare cleaning services across Melbourne and outer suburbs.

Childcare & Kindergarten Safety – Cleaners Need to Think of the Children Too

As a childcare provider, you want to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children that are under your care – we understand you want to do this, both because you not only care about the children you are looking after, but also because the parents who are entrusting their kids to you, expect this from you.

Using a cleaning company that also cares and provides the right cleaning products is paramount to protecting the health and safety of the children under your care – you don’t leave toxic products lying around and risk the safety of the children, yet these products are still so often used to clean items and surfaces around pre-school centres. We understand this and how important it is to use solutions that eco-friendly and are scientifically proven to clean your surfaces without exposing children or your staff to harmful chemicals.

Let’s look at some of the areas that need specialist cleaning in your centre.

Nappy Change Areas
Nappy change time can be messy, so it is obvious that these areas need to be bacteria free. They also need to be cleaned in a way that means that there is no harsh chemicals that could react with sensitive skin or be inhaled by the children in your care.

Bathrooms and Toilets
Similar to nappy change areas, little toddlers are not necessarily always the cleanest – especially if they are toilet training. We make sure that eco-friendly cleaning products are used to adequately clean this tricky area, most importantly in the hidden hard to reach places.

Benches and Tables
Children are pretty messy when it comes to eating. Things do not always stay on their plates, and they are often picking things up off the table, and as you sometimes know the floor. Not only do you want to make sure that these areas are properly cleaned and disinfected so that there’s no chance of illness, but you also want to make sure no traces of harsh chemicals after the cleaning has been done.

Toys & Play Areas
Younger children and toddlers like to put things in their mouths, so it is important that play areas are cleaned too for similar reasons to above. You need to make sure that no harsh chemical residue is left to harm children. Steam cleaning can be an ideal choice for cleaning suitable toys.

Running a childcare facility or early learning centre is a special gift, and it comes with great responsibility. We are living in a time when allergies are more prevalent. For these reasons, as a childcare provider, it is especially important that you engage a cleaning company that understands your cleaning needs and the expectations of parents.

If you are after a quote or a second opinion on cleaning services, please get in touch today.