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    Retail Store Cleaning Service

    No matter what you sell- mobile phones, health insurance, clothes or power tools- cleanliness of your retails store is very important for your overall success and brand reputation. We at our cleaning services have been cleaning retail stores, both front stores and large malls, since long time and are responsible for maintaining a huge number of sites in many regions. Our comprehensive variety of ancillary services including tile and floor cleaning along with window cleaning, lends perfectly to retail cleaning needs of shops who wish to have their retail businesses shining in every manner and at all the times to remain on the top of the game and show the edge over all their competitors.

    Our features:

    We utilize non-toxic, natural, effective and safe cleaning equipments.
    Our company keeps tailoring our services to our customer’s requirements and needs so that they only have to pay for the service which they choose for their centre or retail store.
    We also offer a huge variety of ancillary excellent cleaning services including the window cleaning services.
    We are completely flexible with cleaning timings and so we can clean in the early morning and even after the hours whatever suits your opening or scheduled hours.
    Our integrated management system permits the client to monitor their retail shop activity and assist with regulatory reporting.
    We have a team who has specific retail training to a standardisation of practice.
    All the cleaners are verified by police checks hence you can rest easy as you know you have the cleaners whom you can trust.

    How we work:

    Once you get in touch with our company by requesting for a quote, our manager will fix a meeting time with you at your premises to provide a comprehensive picture of our cleaning services.
    Our team will formulate or pass a proposal based on the plan formulated particularly according to your needs.
    If you wish to proceed, you will be provided with a site supervisor, and induct our specially qualified operatives to your retail centre or shop and make sure they are explained on what is to be done and how.
    After this, the communication lines will be open 24/7 and we are always ready to help you.
    Housekeeping and cleaning for grocery and retail stores should be trusted only to a professional firm as they are properly trained to do it. We provide expert store cleaning services to all types of retail and groceries facility nationwide.

    Below we have mentioned some additional reasons on why you should hire us over other cleaning services:

    • Hygiene: A dirty store is not only unsightly, but it can also present some severe health hazards for the employees and customers. Employees falling ill will lead to absences and this will affect your bottom line and customer service. We make sure that all the areas are cleaned properly and sanitized well.
    • Cost: We provide services too many regions hence we purchase cleaning materials and products at bulk rates. We pass this to our customers and offer affordable rates
    • Accountability: Our Company uses proprietary tool for holding our employee’s accountability. We are the only one in the industry to have software which combines internal audits, scheduling, reporting on the metrics and 3rd party audits.
    • Consistency: We pride ourselves in low employee’s turnover. We know that it is very important to have trained employees who provide the best services to all our clients. This means you will get experienced and trained staff for cleaning your stores.
    • Safety: Slippery wet floors, dangerous chemicals can give health issues and injuries to the untrained in the cautionary and safety procedures to perform the job. When they get injured you have to deal with the workman’s absences and compensation claims. We give proper intensive training to our workers to provide you with the most safest and efficient methods to offer housekeeping and cleaning services. We are insured and bonded so that you don’t have to be liable for any type of injury while our workers are performing the job.
    • Reliable: We are highly reliable and have been working in this industry from a long time. You can easily depend on us and we won’t disappoint you with our services.
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