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    Commercial Cleaning for Banks and Financial Institutions in Melbourne

    Cleanliness is a mark of politeness as it produces affection and it bears analogy to purify the mind. As rightly said by many, cleanliness is next to godliness, and it is the only way to preserve healthy body and mind. When it comes to banks and financial institutions, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is the number of footfall every single day. With so many kind of people, comes so many types of impurities dirt and grime. But now all can rest in peace as we come to your service with a competent team of professional commercial cleaner in Melbourne who are trained to understand what it takes to make your financial institution look its best.
    We, GT Cleaning provide services which address to the need of every single nook and corner of the institution and which make the workplace more healthy and holistic for both staff and clients of the institution. Some of the specific cleaning process done by us includes:

    • Steam cleaning carpets
    • Vacuuming and mopping all floor surface
    • Cleaning windows
    • Dusting and wiping all furniture
    • Wiping entryways and all touch points
    • Removing rubbish
    • Deodorizing the space if necessary
    • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting teller desk areas
    • Cleaning and polishing any exposed metal railings
    • Cleaning and disinfecting ATM machines.

    We firmly believe that if we keep our surroundings clean, it is proven that it can have an amazing impact on the mental and physical well-being. It would help to reduce stress, depression and increases productivity. It also would attractscustomers who would feel the warmth and hospitality just by the look of the place.

    Why should you choose us for Commercial Cleaning for Banks & Financial Institutions?

    We are local:

    Our company understands local businesses, economy and the social life because we play here, live here and work here. We are completely committed to the best in commercial cleaning in Melbourne with each and every customer.

    Customer services:

    Our company provides the best customer services by addressing customers issues, concerns and questions immediately. We have call back guarantee service which ensures that we will definitely answer your call or call you back in 15 minutes.

    Correct pricing for outstanding services:

    Clients need to pay only for cleaning. We use team attendance software and time employee. This removes the problems like buddy punching and time theft. The system helps us to track and monitor each and every cleaning technician’s timing for the job at your place, which ensures the time that we spend cleaning your place is the time that we promised.

    Quality cleaning:

    Many cleaning companies keep using the same cleaning brushes and cloth to clean the tables as well as toilets. By doing this they just spread germs everywhere and create a very unsafe environment. But with us you won’t get this. We use a special color coding system which is specific to all the cleaning applications that we use. Which means that all our cleaning brushes, mops and cloths are color codes and each color means a specific use, hence our technicians utilize specific cleaning tools for particular area of your place. This scheme helps to remove all the cross contamination and spread of viruses, bacteria and microbes.
    Your safety is our first concern. We are proud of our records when it comes to safety, and we also have the data to prove this! We offer successful, secure and safe operations by using uniforms, background checks, identification badges with the tracking and access control of facility cards and keys. We are committees to provide environment friendly commercial cleaning services which is green cleaning and is good for wellness and health, equipment and products. By practicing green cleaning techniques, using chemical free equipments, battery operated along with the biodegradable and non toxic cleaners, our company not only helps you save the money by the reduction of energy consumption through reduced water and electricity consumption, however create a good and healthy working environment via enhanced air quality. We are so confident in our services that we provide 30 days satisfaction guarantee, money back. If you are not satisfied with any of our services you get and cancel the account with us in 60 days from the agreement, we provide you with a full refund.
    So folks, we welcome you to this new world of cleanliness…optimum service for nominal rates. Hope to see you in a cleaner tomorrow…

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